The organic Agrigal cracker in all its crispness and flavour: 9 different crackers varieties to taste whenever you want.

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  • CEREALS: Spinato corn
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Gustose gallette di mais, caratterizzate da gusto deciso e fragranza inconfondibile del mais Spinato, varietà autoctona di mais dal 1632. Queste gallette sono perfette per uno spuntino, oppure da...



Agrigal cracker is a crispy corn snack that makes every meal special. The organic crackers we produce are a light and healthy snack that is also tasty. You can try them naturally in the “Spinato” variety, or in one of the spicy variants, like the rosemary ones. 

From an organic crop to your house, as the tradition requests. The best cracker is the one ingredient that can not be missed in any meal or appetizer. Try it with cheese or deli meat!


If you are looking for online crackers, Agrigal is the right website for you. Crispy and delicious, our handmade crackers come from a traditional crop in our valley, following traditional procedures. The corn grain, once harvested, is pressed at a controlled temperature. 

We don’t use chemicals, but only traditional products. We chose this philosophy because it keeps the nutritional values of the product, to offer you the best vegan crackers!


Which one do you prefer, salty or sweet food? Agrigal low calorie crackers are always perfect, for a tasty snack or as a side dish, with cheese or almond cream. Give yourself a moment of relaxation, and why not, creativity! 

Our awesome Blog Corn contains a useful recipe list for tasty organic dishes. You can also find many tips on how to taste our products at their best!